International tax advice

Amstone is the tax advisor for enterprises and their shareholders. We offer tax advice in all areas of Dutch taxation, such as corporate income tax, VAT, wage tax, income tax, dividend tax, real estate transfer tax and customs duties.

We advise on a wide range of areas in our general tax practice, including:

  • day-to-day tax matters:
    • corporate income tax: fiscal unity, participation exemption, interest deduction, sound business practice, non-resident taxation for foreign investors
    • wage tax and social security premiums: 30% ruling, management contracts, lucrative interest
    • VAT: entrepreneurship, deduction of input VAT, applying the reverse charge mechanism, import/export
  • obtaining tax rulings (APA, ATR) from the tax authorities
  • joint ventures
  • legal mergers and split-offs, other reorganisations/restructuring
  • transfer pricing/Innovation Box
  • applying tax treaties and European directives
  • BEPS (Base Erosion & Profit Shifting)

We advise on outbound and inbound corporate investments. Our broad international network consists of both large law firms and boutique firms comparable to Amstone. We work for a variety of clients, including:

  • private equity / venture capital funds
  • multinationals and quoted multinationals
  • other enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • family offices / high-net-worth individuals
  • start-ups
  • foundations

All of Amstone’s tax lawyers are members of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers.