Mergers and acquisitions

One of Amstone’s focus areas is advising on mergers & acquisitions. Amstone advises both sellers and buyers, and our clients include private equity firms and corporate enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad. Amstone offers a range of services, from drafting the tax paragraphs of the SPA through to advising on all taxation matters in a transaction. Such matters might include performing a tax due diligence on the target companies, advising on the most optimal acquisition structure (including structuring the financing and management participation), and post-closing restructurings such as legal mergers and demergers.

Our tax due diligence reports not only address the risks relating to the past and the future, but also consider potential opportunities and suggest improvements for the future.

Because we work with a team of specialists in various fields and thanks to our extensive experience in performing due diligence, we are able to identify tax risks quickly and efficiently.